1. The maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
    3.1. Petrol engines
    3.2. Diesel engines
      3.2.1. A technical characteristics
       3.2.2. Engine adjustments
      3.2.3. Removal and installation of the fuel pump of a high pressure
      3.2.4. Installation of the fuel pump of high pressure BOSCH
      3.2.5. Installation of the fuel pump of high pressure Roto Diesel
      3.2.6. Removal of water from the fuel filter
      3.2.7. Removal of air from fuel system
      3.2.8. Removal and atomizer installation
      3.2.9. Check электрически the operated valve of a stop of the engine
      3.2.10. Pump Bosch adjustment
      3.2.11. Pump Roto Diesel adjustment
      3.2.12. Removal and installation турбокомпрессора
       3.2.13. The repair which is not demanding removal of the engine
      3.2.14. Engine removal
      3.2.15. Engine installation
      3.2.16. Engine dismantling
      3.2.17. Engine assemblage
      3.2.18. The oil pump
       3.2.19. Cooling system
      3.2.20. System of release of the fulfilled gases
    3.3. The petrol engine 1,4 дм3
    3.4. Ignition system
4. Fuel system
5. Systems of greasing, cooling
6. Release system
7. Coupling
8. Transmissions
9. Power shafts
10. A steering
11. Suspension brackets
12. Brake system
13. A body
14. An electric equipment

3.2.14. Engine removal

Engine mount arms

1 – a right arm,
2 – a pillow elastic right,
3 – an average arm,
4 – a pillow elastic left,
5 – a bottom arm,
6 – a clip

1. Merge cooling liquid from cooling system.
2. Merge oil from a transmission and the engine.
3. Remove a clip of the bottom arm of the engine (1 – bracket the bottom arm).
4. Disconnect a reception exhaust pipe.
5. Disconnect the stabilizer from levers.
6. Take from a rotary fist the spherical hinge of the bottom lever of a suspension bracket.
7. Remove the right power shaft.
8. Take from differential the left power shaft (without taking out it from a nave).
9. Remove the accumulator.
10. Remove an accumulator arm together with the fuel filter.
11. Remove the air filter with the case.
12. In engines XUD 9 remove заглушку всасывания.
13. In engines XUD 7ТЕ remove a radiator of pressurisation and disconnect the terminator of horizontal moving from the top right arm of the engine (1 – the terminator).
14. To disconnect a connection and wire element.
15. Remove сервонасос the steering amplifier, without disconnecting it.
16. Remove a radiator.
17. Use the special load-lifting mechanism with two hooks. Place hooks so that during lifting the engine has been slightly inclined on the transmission party.
18. In engines XUD 7ТЕ remove the moving terminator.
19. Unscrew a nut of the top right arm of the engine from an elastic pillow.
20. Support a transmission by means of a jack.
21. Remove a transmission arm.
22. Raise the engine and remove the right arm of the engine (1 – a nut of the right arm).
23. Lower a jack and turn the engine clockwise.

24. Take from above the engine.