1. The maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
4. Fuel system
5. Systems of greasing, cooling
6. Release system
7. Coupling
8. Transmissions
    8.1. A mechanical transmission
      8.1.1. A technical characteristics
      8.1.2. Oil replacement in a transmission
      8.1.3. Adjustment of draught of a gear change
      8.1.4. The gear change lever
      8.1.5. Draught of a gear change
      8.1.6. A cable of blocking of inclusion of a reverse gear
      8.1.7. Sealing rings
      8.1.8. The switch of a lantern of a backing
      8.1.9. A speedometer drive
      8.1.10. Removal and transmission installation
      8.1.11. Transmission dismantling
      8.1.12. Differential repair
      8.1.13. Repair of a primary shaft
      8.1.14. Repair of a secondary shaft
      8.1.15. Transmission assemblage
      8.1.16. Definition of a tightness of the conic bearing of a primary shaft
      8.1.17. The strengthened sealing rings
      8.1.18. Distinctive features of a drive 4 х 4
      8.1.19. A distributing box of system of a drive 4 х 4
    8.2. An automatic transmission
9. Power shafts
10. A steering
11. Suspension brackets
12. Brake system
13. A body
14. An electric equipment

8.1.9. A speedometer drive

Removal of a sealing ring from the case of a drive of a speedometer


1. To lift a forward part of the car and to fix on supports. The speedometer drive is located on a back part картера transmissions, near to the internal end of the right power shaft.
2. To take a pin and to remove a cable of a speedometer from a speedometer drive. At presence to disconnect an electric socket from a speedometer drive.
3. To unscrew a bolt of fastening of a drive of a speedometer.
4. To take a speedometer drive together with a gear wheel from картера transmissions.
5. If it is necessary, the gear wheel can be taken from a casing and to replace a sealing ring.
6. If the gear wheel of a drive of a speedometer is worn out, to check up a condition of a leading gear wheel in картере transmissions.
7. For removal of a leading gear wheel of a drive of a speedometer to take the right power shaft from a transmission, to unscrew three bolts, and to remove the case of a drive of a speedometer from a transmission. To remove a leading gear wheel of a drive of a speedometer from differential together with adjusting linings.


Installation is made in sequence of return to removal, thus it is necessary to combine ledges on a leading gear wheel of a drive of a speedometer with grooves on differential (are specified by arrows).