1. The maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
    3.1. Petrol engines
      3.1.1. A technical characteristics
       3.1.2. Engine repair
 The repair which is not demanding removal of the engine
   Compression check
   Check and adjustment of a backlash of valves
   A privodnoj belt of a camshaft
   Pulleys of a gear belt
   Replacement of consolidation of a camshaft
   Replacement of consolidations of a cranked shaft
   A privodnoj belt of the generator
   The air filter
   A cover of a head of the block of cylinders
   A camshaft
   Removal and installation of a head of the block of cylinders
   Dismantling, repair and assemblage of a head of the block of cylinders
 Engine removal Engine installation Engine dismantling
 Engine assemblage Start of the engine after major repairs
    3.2. Diesel engines
    3.3. The petrol engine 1,4 дм3
    3.4. Ignition system
4. Fuel system
5. Systems of greasing, cooling
6. Release system
7. Coupling
8. Transmissions
9. Power shafts
10. A steering
11. Suspension brackets
12. Brake system
13. A body
14. An electric equipment The air filter MODELS WITH THE CARBURETTOR

1. To unscrew a collar and to remove an air line from the carburettor.
2. To unscrew a collar (it is specified by an arrow) and to lift the receiver givings of air from a cover of a casing of the filter.
3. To disconnect brackets and to uncover a filter casing.
4. To remove filtering element and a filter casing.

Control system in temperature of air arriving in the filter

Intaking plate of hot air on a final collector

Cold air arrives from an air inlet from the forward panel, and hot – from an intaking plate on a final collector. These two streams of air arrive to the thermostat.

The thermostat with firm наполнителем on an air line

At engine work during cold time the thermostat closes receipt of cold air and opens receipt hot from a collector.

As air which is taken away from a final collector, becomes warmer, the thermostat is gradually closed from a warm air line and opens a cold air line.