1. The maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
4. Fuel system
5. Systems of greasing, cooling
6. Release system
7. Coupling
8. Transmissions
    8.1. A mechanical transmission
    8.2. An automatic transmission
      8.2.1. A technical characteristics
      8.2.2. The drive description
      8.2.3. Removal and transmission installation
      8.2.4. Adjustment of management by a gear change
      8.2.5. A cable of a choice of transfers
      8.2.6. The selector lever
      8.2.7. A cable of compulsory inclusion of a hill-climbing gear
      8.2.8. Adjustment of a tape of a brake
      8.2.9. Removal and installation of the operating servomotor
      8.2.10. Replacement of a sealing ring of an axis of the selector
      8.2.11. The transmission heat exchanger
9. Power shafts
10. A steering
11. Suspension brackets
12. Brake system
13. A body
14. An electric equipment

8.2.3. Removal and transmission installation

The automatic transmission is taken from below the car.


1. To remove the accumulator and its holder.
2. To remove the air filter and its arm.
3. To disconnect electric connections, pipelines and a cable, connected to an automatic transmission.
4. To disconnect about the spherical hinge a cable of management of a gear change of an automatic transmission.
5. From each party of the car to unscrew bolts of fastening of connectors of the stabilizer with suspension bracket levers (the car should stand on wheels).
6. To place the car on the lift or to establish on supports a forward part of the car and to remove wheels.
7. To remove both power shafts.
8. To remove closing sheet картера hydrokinetic transfer.
9. To unscrew three bolts of fastening of hydrokinetic transfer to приводному to a disk (it is necessary to turn gradually a disk so that to get access to the latent bolts).
10. To unscrew a nut of fastening directing the index of level of oil to the oil pallet.
11. To unscrew three bolts of fastening of a starter, but not to get them.
12. To hook on system of a drive with an automatic transmission on тале so that to unload a metallo-rubber element of a support.
13. To separate an axis of a support of system of a drive with an automatic transmission from a metallo-rubber element. To remove a metallo-rubber element.
14. To establish on the car a special supporting frame (the adaptation 0911 А1–АZ) so that to support the engine.
15. As much as possible to lower drive system so that an automatic transmission it has appeared under the car.
16. To unscrew bolts of fastening of an automatic transmission to the engine.
17. To separate from the engine an automatic transmission and to put on a flange (the adaptation 0315), fixing hydrokinetic transfer.

18. To take an automatic transmission from under the car.

Installation of hydrokinetic transfer in картере transmissions

Х = 7 mm – выступание


1. It is necessary to execute actions in return sequence after the relation to removal process, observing following instructions.
2. Before installation it is necessary to be convinced, whether there is an aligning washer of hydrokinetic transfer in cranked to a shaft. It is necessary to grease this washer.
3. To check up position of hydrokinetic transfer (the size Х should make a minimum of 7 mm).
4. To replace all self-locking nuts, elastic linings, consolidations and sealing rings.
5. It is necessary to observe the corresponding moments of a tightening of elements of fastening.
6. After installation it is necessary to fill in oil (observing necessary level) in an automatic transmission and to remove air from cooling system.
7. To adjust management of a gear change.