1. The maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
    3.1. Petrol engines
      3.1.1. A technical characteristics
       3.1.2. Engine repair
 The repair which is not demanding removal of the engine
 Engine removal
   With a mechanical transmission
   With an automatic transmission Engine installation Engine dismantling
 Engine assemblage Start of the engine after major repairs
    3.2. Diesel engines
    3.3. The petrol engine 1,4 дм3
    3.4. Ignition system
4. Fuel system
5. Systems of greasing, cooling
6. Release system
7. Coupling
8. Transmissions
9. Power shafts
10. A steering
11. Suspension brackets
12. Brake system
13. A body
14. An electric equipment C an automatic transmission

The engine and automatic transmission act in film only together.

Engine removal is made similarly to removal from a mechanical transmission. It is in addition necessary:

 – To remove a pipe щупа for measurement of level of oil in a transmission;
 – To remove wires of blocking of a starter and a wire of weight from the top part of a transmission;
 – To remove a steering drive with the amplifier;
 – To remove a speedometer drive.