1. The maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
    3.1. Petrol engines
    3.2. Diesel engines
    3.3. The petrol engine 1,4 дм3
    3.4. Ignition system
       3.4.1. Contactless system of ignition
       3.4.2. Compound system of ignition (ignition / fuel system) The ignition coil The Module-amplifier of system of ignition Removal of the distributor of ignition Installation of the distributor of ignition
       3.4.3. Direct system of ignition
4. Fuel system
5. Systems of greasing, cooling
6. Release system
7. Coupling
8. Transmissions
9. Power shafts
10. A steering
11. Suspension brackets
12. Brake system
13. A body
14. An electric equipment

3.4.2. Compound system of ignition (ignition / fuel system)

On all models, except L3.1 and LU2, the ignition system is united with system of injection of fuel and copes from one block ECU.

Systems Bosch Motronic ML4. l and Fenix IB have a cover of the distributor and a rotor for distribution of a spark of ignition to cylinders (together with the usual coil of ignition).

All other models use the system of ignition consisting only from two coils of ignition. The ignition coil actually consists of two separate windings which submit a spark to two cylinders everyone (one to cylinders 1 and 4, and another to cylinders 2 and 3). The ignition impulse moves at once on two spark plugs for each cycle of the engine, one on a step of compression and one on an exhaust step – the ignition spark on a step of an exhaust has no value for engine work, therefore it is spent for nothing. ECU uses inputs from various gauges to calculate demanded installation of an advancing of ignition and time of accumulation of energy in the ignition coil.

On some models the detonation gauge is included in ignition system. The gauge is established on a head of the block of cylinders and prevents a detonation in cylinders under loading. The gauge is sensitive to vibration and finds out a detonation which occurs when the fuel mix in cylinders burns down with a detonation. The detonation gauge sends an electric signal to block ECU which, in turn, reduces installation of a corner of an advancing of ignition while the detonation does not stop.